Prizes for Participation

Welcome again and thanks for participating in the How Kids Think project. This project will reform itself over the next two months as we get feedback on what you think, what you use, what you need. Your participation is vital to the process.

We think your participation is so important that every week we will give away a $50 Amazon gift card to one of you. To be entered for the drawings, you need to participate in that week’s discussions. There will be new questions throughout the week, and for each question you answer, you’ll get your name added to the drawing. (If we ask five questions this week and you answer three of them, your name will go in the “hat” three times, and so on.)

You may comment as often as you wish on any of the questions (and we’d love to have you discussing with each other, so please feel free to do that), but you will only receive one entry per post that you participate on. The drawings will be held at the end of the week following that week’s discussions.

Now then, let’s get started!



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3 responses to “Prizes for Participation

  1. This is going to be great!!

    I look forward to learning

  2. Kevin

    I am glad to see this project. It relates to a book that I am working on; I figure even if nobody else reads it, at least my own kids will, or so I hope.

    I see many books advertised on raising kids in God’s way. These books are written to parents. I want a book that is written to kids.

    I also see that Sunday schools go over the same Bible stories over and over, but don’t really challenge kids to think, or so it seems to me.

    What I am aiming at is a book that makes kids think. It is a discussion of maturity – what it is and how God desires it for us. It provides a discussion on growth and the different ways in which we grow, followed by two main sections that will focus on intellectual growth and then spiritual growth. Some topics: Jesus’ call to leadership (being salt and light, making disciples), learning on your own, intro to logic, critical thinking and a discerning spirit, philosophies/ideas to watch out for, how to read a book, and how to read the Bible.

    Will kids read a thoughtful book? I don’t know, but I intend to write one and find out.

    Anyway, as you get a glimpse of what I am thinking about, perhaps that helps you have an idea of what is needed out there.

  3. kim

    BTW, Thank you for the gift card…I was excited to win.

    I thought I would share what I purchased with all of you….as they are great books that my son just loves: I bought the last part of the Cul De Sac Kids series….by Beverly Lewis. They are Christian books that chronicle the fun adventures of a group of neighborhood children. They are beginner chapter books. I also bought the first set in the Sugar Creek Gang series….they seem to be one level ahead of the Cul De Sac kids books…again they are Christian based, about a group of kids. I hope he likes the SCG as much as he has enjoyed the CDSKids…thanks again for the gift card which has allowed me to purchase these items.

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