Follow-Up to Current Events

I’m hearing most of you say that you don’t really “do” current events with your kids because they are too young and the exposure to mainstream news is too harsh for them.

If something were developed that enabled you to begin introducing current events with your kids in a way that meshed with your biblical beliefs and values, what would that look like?

Do you not “use” a program/curriculum for this because there really isn’t one, or would you still not use one if one did exist?



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11 responses to “Follow-Up to Current Events

  1. Possibly. If it did not sensationalize the negative current events that seem to be at the front stage of current media reports.

    It seems like now any time I turn on the news (or even catch a glimpse of a trailer for the upcoming news), I get bombarded with shootings, bombings, child abuse, and mockery of our government. It isn’t that I want to shield my family from what is occuring. I just want to limit the negativity. And I want to increase the positive.

    For example, I watch some of Tyler Perry’s movies and plays with my girls. There is some foul language, abuse, and drugs in them. But at the central core of his films and plays is a theme of faith in Christ. Such lessons included are forgiveness, and community. I am willing to discuss with them the negative things that exist in the world in the context of praising the positive.

    I hope that makes sense. Cool question.

  2. Shannon

    I have used God’s World News Publications going on our 3rd year now. My children love them and read them from cover to cover. I love the articles and that they are from a Christian World view. I also love that they are published right here in my home town…Asheville, NC!

    Thank you God’s World!

  3. I would say most people of my generation (who don’t have kids old enough to discuss current events yet but will in a few years!) get their news off the internet. For a current event program to be useful, it would almost have to have that delivery system. We want instantaneous.

    Thinking ahead to what would be helpful to us having dinner table conversations with our kids a few years down the road, a site that presented current events reasonably well screened for suitability various age levels would be helpful. Plus auxillary links for parents, and especially for older students links to various viewpoints.

    I’m very skeptical of things that draw too quick of conclusions about what the Biblical view of X or Y is. I’d be more comfortable with something that left me to discuss matters with my kids and come to our own applications.

    And this is more just a general critique of the new media, but I’d really rather topics were limited to those that were either of historic or personal importance (for voting, consumer choices, etc.). Endless stories of exotic tragedies and scandals just for their headline value are not helpful and just serve to deaden us to others’ pain.

  4. calluna

    My children (boys, ages 4 and 2) are exposed to current events on the TV news. My oldest son, obviously, understands and asks more than the baby, and I’m honest with him on child-like level about what he sees. If he sees “armymen” and asks what they’re doing I tell him they are fighting bad people who want to hurt us. If he sees flooding, I tell him a lot of water came and got into those people’s houses and now they have to clean it up so they have a nice place to live again. If I can incorporate God (like with the flooding, saying God will take care of that family and we can pray for them) I do.
    Perhaps I am OK with exposing and explaining current events to my kids because I am a news writer and I recognize the value of knowing what’s going on in the world so we can respond appropriately.

  5. We used God’s World Publications for several years and I really liked them. I like Queen of Carrots comments about the internet, though. I find newspapers and many magazines useless these days because I’ve already “heard” the news on the internet. I think a kid-friendly internet site with God’s World Publications stuff would be great. But maybe that already exists and I just don’t know about it.

  6. mama2tlc

    I agree with the comments so far. The internet is a great tool, and maybe I am a bit old fashioned, but I still appreciate printed material. I think an age appropriate magazine/newspaper for kids would be a practical way to deal with current events. It would need to be from a Christian worldview.

    You shouldn’t shy away from bad news, but tell it in a positive light: the fulfillment of scripture, ways Christians are helping less fortunate people across the world, ways Christians are NEEDING to help less fortunate people.

    Most important for me would be to tell the negative news in an empowering and positive perspective with eternity in mind.


  7. It has to be in the context of history. We look at current events as the culmination of historic and philosophical trends and try to study the worldview behind it.

    I want my children to understand why things are the way they are, not just see a world full of random violence.

  8. Kathye

    We have just begun to do current events this year as part of a world geography curriculum. Because we are being topic specific when we look for articles, it helps to avoid the sensationalism. I don’t know that I would use a curriculum geared only to current events, I like it being a part of another subject (geography, language arts, etc.)

  9. Current events usually comes from every day discussion or as an outflow from our reading. Something we read for history or geography might remind me to bring up some current day event or struggle that I know about. (My children are 17,15,12,10.)

    Sometimes we will see something on the internet of interest to discuss or the older ones will. I try hard not to let them watch news on television. It really isn’t what I would consider the sort of news we want to hear about.

    We used to take World but have had to make some cut backs for the sake of the budget.

  10. I would personally prefer printed material as well and I think my kids would enjoy a printed publication, verses viewing material on the internet. I also appreciate the comment, “I’m very skeptical of things that draw too quick of conclusions about what the Biblical view of X or Y is. ” I would also prefer material that provided room for discussion, as well as ideas on how to begin said discussion, over the topic rather than something that presented some sort of lesson to learn from current events.

  11. graceful

    I think my ideal current events curriculum would be a combination of a children’s version of The Critique (by Ransom Fellowship), the BBC, and a classic kids newspaper. In other words, something that leads to thoughtful discussion, presents the facts of the stories, and is visually appealing. I love the idea of connecting current events to geography and setting stories within the broader context of history. I’d prefer printed material that lists websites (really good ones) as resources for further exploration.

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