Live and Local Help Needed

One aspect of our research has been to try to schedule live meetings with teachers and/or administrators at Christian schools. They are a tough group to get in with, particularly with the short timespan we have to work with (now through mid-November). We’re finding that the only way to get our foot in the door (in every sense of that phrase) is to have a personal connection already in play.

This leads us to this next question – do any of you know any teachers/administrators in Christian schools in your area you could put us in touch with? We would love to come see them (and other teachers in their area) to discuss similar concepts in person.

Would you let us know if you might have a connection for us?



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16 responses to “Live and Local Help Needed

  1. Really, I’ll ask my daughter’s teacher. She is awesome and has 24 years of teaching experience.

  2. I can hook you up, Megan, but it’d mean you’d have to come to Hawaii. 😉

  3. Rob

    i got contacts in virginia

  4. Julia Hunt

    My school in Sierra Vista, AZ is a classical Christian one. We talk about worldview at length with our students.

  5. Lorri

    does the person need to currently be teaching? I know a headmaster of a private Christian school – but she quit after getting married a few months ago (was teaching and headmastering for about 10 years).

  6. give us a call- we have many teachers and a headmaster you could speak with- our school, Westminster Christian Academy, has been in existence since 1964. I’m sure they would love to talk to you!

  7. I have a board member (husband–college history prof) and a headmaster (friend) outside of the large midwestern city whose baseball team is currently in the playoffs (sorry, Dunhams). I can get them in the same room along with a few teachers and upper/lower school principals if you want to come up here or send someone else to interview them.

  8. Megan

    Oh, that’s great! Let me do some checking with my other list and see if we can make some multiple meetings in the same area happen. We’ll definitely be in touch with some of you again. Thanks for your generous offers to help!

  9. * i have a contact in north carolina (asheville) if you want it.

  10. Um…I mean the major midwestern city whose team just LOST their first playoff game. Sorry for the over confident first comment.

  11. My in-laws own and run 2 Christian preschool/kindergarten/daycares in the Nashville, TN area. They say they will be happy to talk to you.

  12. kim

    We are in Southern California. Our school is celebrating it’s 25th year. If you are interested in this area, let me know, and I will give you their contact info.

  13. Megan,

    My brother-in-law teaches at a Christian school in a Chicago suburb. (Don’t know if you want to go back there after all your Amtrak woes!)

  14. mama2tlc

    I have some contacts in South Carolina

  15. acupofjoy

    Perhaps I could help. I taught for 4 years at Christian school before marrying 7 months ago.

  16. Paula Ea

    My husband is a teacher at a Classical Christian school in TX.

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