For Your Teacher Contacts

Many of you said you had teacher contacts in your lives whom we could get in touch with. It’s really looking at this point like our goal of traveling to them for live discussion just isn’t going to work, so we’ve come up with an alternate solution.

We started a Google Group specifically for those involved in Christian schools. We’re in the process of asking teachers and administrators to join the discussion group by sending out letters that includes the following (some of what has been mentioned here on the blog before):

We asked a Christian school teacher/former administrator who keeps an interactive website what he thought about our dilemma and he had some great insight for us. We thought inviting teachers to talk about their curriculum needs was the right way to phrase our intent to discuss biblical worldview in the classroom, but we may have been wrong.

The teacher we asked said, “From a teacher’s perspective, a survey from a publisher is not how curriculum gets developed. Curriculum is developed within a school community as it focuses on mission and then decides what and how to teach. Text books are tools to accomplish curricula goals, but texts are not synonymous with curriculum.”

We would like to further explore what this means. If texts are not synonymous with curriculum in the schools, what is? Our approach to discuss “curriculum” with teachers has possibly been incorrect. We may not be getting many answers because we’re asking the wrong questions. We need your help in determining what the right ones are (and also in figuring out their answers).

Would you consider joining a temporary e-list discussion group to help us think better about this? Our bottom line? We want to produce materials that help kids become discerning Christians. We want to produce materials to that end that teachers NEED. We need help in determining just what that is.

We just created an e-group through Google Groups called “How Kids Think” (which is the name of our research project for God’s World Publications). We will not automatically add you to the group unless you give us permission to do so. Our research project wraps up in mid-November, so the discussion group will have a fixed end. You will not be required to participate in every discussion, and you may leave the group at any time.

We greatly value your input; we need more of it. Please consider getting in on the discussion and help us do our best to help you.

If you would be willing to join an e-list discussion with us, please send your email address to us at and we will add you to the group.

If you mentioned to us that you had a connection with a Christian school, teacher, and/or administrator, could we ask you to send a personal email to them (from you) telling them a little about our project? You could point them to this post, or you could copy and paste it in your email to them. We would love to get 15-20 teachers (or more) involved in our google groups discussion. If you do invite someone to the discussion, please leave a comment (or send an email) letting us know and we’ll make sure you get entered into the drawing this week for doing so.



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  1. kim

    I spoke with our school principal today, and told him about your group. I followed up with an email that I have asked him to pass along to the teachers and administrators at our school (Stoneybrooke Christian School in California). I hope that you will get input from some of our fabulous staff.

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