Why We’re Doing This

The How Kids Think project has an end goal of helping God’s World Publications develop materials that will better enable parents and teachers to develop children who know how to think discerningly as Christians.

Why did we agree to do this? Let me give you an excerpt from an email we received this morning in response to our dinner discussion last night in Boca Raton:

Thank you for the delicious dinner last night at the Grille. I enjoyed our time together, and was encouraged at the work you all are doing on behalf of families like mine. I do hope the time was fruitful for you both. You have a tremendous task before you, to reach the hearts and minds of parents and schoolchildren alike, setting their “worldview” toward an “authenticity” that is much needed now.

She got it. We do indeed want to help both children and parents align their worldview with that which is truly biblical.

That’s why we’re doing this…and what we want to do more of.


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