The Project

Teaching from a biblical worldview is a prerequisite of Christian education. Dr. Michael Anthony, professor of education at Talbot School of Theology, writes,

“The philosophical foundations of Christian education are derived from systematic theology, which in turn emerges from biblical theology…how we understand theology proper (the person and nature of God) and human nature are theological constructs that give shape, definition, and texture to all of Christian education.”

With this in mind, over the next several weeks we’ll ask questions related to how parents and teachers construct such a Christian education for kids. We’ll ask what you’ve been doing, what you’ve been using in terms of curriculum, and what you wish you had (pick a category) to help you along the way.

We’ll also be thinking a lot about how kids think – particularly, how they learn and how they don’t. Our goal is to identify new challenges to (and opportunities for) the Christian education process, in order to create new materials and practices to help meet them. But we need your input and insight to get started.

The Plan
We will be hosting a variety of discussions around the country as well as here on this blog. Our first live event is scheduled for St. Louis, MO. Check it out.